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New Subscriptions
Select Journal Journal Name Type Amt
Pro Plus Package(SCC Weekly,2023 Annual Subscription Plus EBC Reader Platinum Edn. Regd. Post Rs.  30,162
Rs. 31,749
Supreme Court Cases (SCC Weekly), Annual Subscription 2023, Registered Post, in 10 Regular Volume Regd. Post Rs.  15,999
SCC (Weekly), Annual Subscription, 2023 (Bound Volume) (In 10 Regular Volumes) Regd. Post Rs.  18,499
Red Signature Package SCC(Weekly),5 Years Special Combined Subscription(4 plus 1)(2023,24,25,26,27) Regd. Post Rs.  63,996
Rs. 79,995
EBC Reader Platinum Edition (including 5% GST) Regd. Post Rs.  15,750
Rs. 22,050
EBC Learning Standard Edition (including 18% GST) Regd. Post Rs.  11,800
Rs. 17,110
SCC(W), 2023 and SCC Online Web Edition Annual Subscription (Platinum Pack) Regd. Post Rs.  47,859
SCC Online Web Edition Platinum Pack(Including 18% GST) Regd. Post Rs.  31,860
SCC Online Web Edition Platinum Plus Pack(Including 18% GST) Regd. Post Rs.  47,200
SCC (Civil), 2023 (Bound Volume), Subscription Regd. Post Rs.  5,600
Annual Subscription to Supreme Court Cases (Criminal), 2023 Regd. Post Rs.  4,399
SCC (Labour and Services) (In 2 Bound Volumes), 2023 Annual Subscription Regd. Post Rs.  3,580
Annual Subscription to Current Central Legislation, 2023 Regd. Post Rs.  2,750
Annual Subscription to Lucknow Law Times 2023 Regd. Post Rs.  3,150
The Practical Lawyer (1 yr Subscription-12 Issues) Regd. Post Rs.  1,990
Rs. 3,480
The Practical Lawyer (3 yr Subscription-36 Issues ) Regd. Post Rs.  5,970
Rs. 10,440
Annual Subscription to The Law Reports, 2023 Regd. Post Rs.  20,450
Annual Subscription to The Weekly Law Reports, 2023 Regd. Post Rs.  23,950
Supreme Court Cases (Civil) Full Set From 2009 to 2021 and 4 Volumes of 2022 (Total 60 Volumes) Regd. Post Rs.  51,906
Rs. 54,638
Supreme Court Cases (Criminal) Bound Volumes Full Set From 1970 to 2021 and 3 Volumes of 2022 (Total Regd. Post Rs.  134,800
Rs. 141,895
Supreme Court Cases Labour and Services Full Set From 1973 to 2021, 2 Volumes of 2022 (Total 79 Volu Regd. Post Rs.  116,328
Rs. 122,450
Amount : Rs. 10,880  
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